How to downgrade MiPad 1 (mocha) from Miui 8 to Miui 7?


Oct 12, 2020
I have tried researching but have not found any steps on how to do this. The closest I have read is the following old thread:

"Miui 8 : How To?"

For those who have successfully downgraded from Miui 8 to Miui 7 on the MiPad 1 (mocha), could you share the steps? Usually, I would experiment but from what I've read so far, this tablet is difficult to unbrick. So I'm rather scared to perform trial and error and would rather hear first from those who have done it.

I know this is an old tablet, but for me was still usable until i upgraded to miui 8 and it broke an app that was important to me.

Thank you for your time.