How to install rom for xiaomi mi11 for the first time?


Feb 19, 2023
Hi, I'm a technical guy but never changed rom nore installed TWRP and there are different instructions on how to install the TWRP and how to change the rom.

My biggest fear is to brick my phone. Otherwise I wouldn't mind the trial and error process...

I have a new Xiaomi Mi11, MIUI Global 12.5.11 Stable with Android 11.
I've unlocked the bootloader.

There are these guides for changing rom (and guides on installing TWRP inside them):
which is quite old but is mi11 specific.

which is newer but has different instructions and is not mi11 specific and has

And there is the official guide on installing TWRP for mi11 on the official TWRP website:

where does the installation of a custom recovery comes in the process (Linked from inside link 2 above)?

Which guides should I use for what?
What is the sequence on the process?

Thank you very much if read until here :)
And even more for replying :)