How To Solve Find Device Storage Corrupted & Couldn't Add Fingerprint In Redmi Note 4x

Mar 25, 2017
Hello Everyone,

** I am writing my problem in details if that help you to diagnose my problem, and sorry if my English is not good enough..

I Purchased Redmi Note 4X around two weeks ago. Unfortunately, my device got stolen one week ago, and with the help of MI Cloud, I was able to get it back.

After getting back my phone, I found my device was flashed or reset and locked with MI cloud locker.

Then I flashed my device again with MI PC Suit and Disabled my device on MI cloud.

Since then, I found everything is working fine except following two problems.

Problem One: I am unable to add my fingerprint. Whenever I try to add one I receive following message: "couldn't add Fingerprint, try again." It should be noted here that when I try to add it, I feel 11 vibrations on my phone and see a progress of fingerprint add-on device. The message appears at 12 steps.

Problem Two: I am also getting Following Error message "find device storage corrupted your device is unsafe now error" whenever I try to locate my device through MI cloud > Find Device > Locate Device.

To Solve these problems, I tried following methods But Didn't Work for Me.

1. I made a Factory reset. (Hard & Soft)- Didn't work.
2. I updated Latest Stable Global Rom (System Update Method) - Didn't work.
3. I installed Latest Developer Global Rom ( First Boot Method) - Didn't work.
4. Cleared Wipe Cache Data, Wipe Reset in Xiaomi MIUI 8 through Mi recovery settings. - Didn't work.

** I am from Bangladesh. This device is officially not available here, So no hope for official warranty or support. You guys are my last hope. So please help me.

Any kind of help to resolve the problems will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards