[HOW TO]The LOCKSCREEN Sharing,Creation & Request Thread

Nov 8, 2010

I keep seeing request for themes w/o lockscreens to add a fitting lockscreen...well im going to attempt to make that a whole lot easier for everyone who doesnt already know how to do this ^_^ i am starting the sharing with a lock i picked for a theme i saw earlier that someone asked for a lockscreen to...(high tech Rave Up Projekt)
op said he had no time so i tossed this together


[How To Make Your Own default Lock and/or Wallpaper(s)]

there are 2 easy ways. i will use the easiest 1st

this package will change your default lock and wall

1.)Grab 2 pics Hi-Res look the best....

2.)Choose 1 for lockscreen

3.)Choose 1 for wall

4.)Resize chosen lockscreen to your device res(im evo so 480 x 800)

5.)Save as "default_lock_wallpaper.jpg"

6.)Resize chosen wall to your device res(evo is 960 x 800)

7.)Save as "default_wallpaper.jpg"

8.)Replace them with the ones ive included in my lockscreen/wall template
(download template) http://www.mediafire.com/?8sy7lrjfdphx1vd

9.)move to sdcard\MIUI\theme

10.)apply package

have a nice day :D

2nd method is more customized but works thru launcher

1.)grab up to 5 lockscreens

2.)resize to your device res (evo is 480 x 800)

3.)save as "lockscreen_000.jpg" thru "lockscreen_005.jpg" (you can use 1 or up to 5)

4.)resize again for preview (85 x 142)

5.)save as "lockscreen_000_small.jpg" thru "lockscreen_005_small.jpg"

6.)download my template and swap out the ones ive included and replace with your own images
(download template) http://www.mediafire.com/?ada03bie80odi7x

7.)push to sdcard/MIUI/theme

8.)apply package