[HowTo] Install Fastboot image


Dec 13, 2022
Hello, I have tried to do everything it says and I have been able to understand, and I have everything it asks for, but for example, the latest version of v.15 is Windows 10 and I have 11, the latest ac update of another program is from 2020, the most modern ones are sdk and mi unlocked, in addition to the certificates. The folders I have done well, but when running on my Xiaomi book s in Windows 11, neither yes nor no appears, nor do numbers appear when putting fastboot devices, despite having unlocked the fastboot.I ask for help and if not, I'll wait for it to come out in the form of an ota or recovery, since I have never done this and I have no knowledge in fastboot. I await your response, if someone had the same situation I ask you to please help me, thanks and regards.


Sep 10, 2020
Hey, I tried to install 22-12-26-27-28.67758 weekly on my Mi 11 ultra which also has weekly installed.
Everytime I enter the command windows_fastboot_update_rom.bat it stuck at:
"Sending sparse 'super' 1/7 (777724 KB) FAILED (Error reading sparse file)
fastboot: error: Command failed
It does not reboot and I have to reboot device to fastboot myself to be able to try it again but it still does not work. Also I checked all things you mentioned in your post.
Found the solution: Had to use a USB 2.0 port not 3.0
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