New HTC One S "push" problem


Aug 9, 2012
Since I've updated my HTC One S to latest 2.31 release, I've noticed that when I leave my screen off for a few hours and then finally turn it back on and get all my emails for the last couple of hours all at once. It seems like there's something sleeping/killing data whenever the screen is off. It's very annoying.

Let me be a bit more specific, because there are some cases where data works while the screen is off. For example, if I start a download through Chrome, the download will finish with the screen off. However, it seems like nothing "push" works while the screen is off. I don't get any notifications for Gmail, Exchange, Facebook, etc. unless the screen is on. I think that it could be related to the last Radio firmware upgrade included in the RUU 2.31 release.
After some googling I found that the same problem is reported by other custom roms (CM9 and CM10) users after last RUU 2.21/2.31 upgrade So I tried to restore my stock rom with Sense 4.1 and Android 4.0.4 (based on RUU 2.31) and push notifications work as expected while, with MIUI (that is based on the previous RUU 1.78 I guess) and other custom roms push notifications don't work if the display is off. I think that when MIUI will migrate to the new base rom this problem will disappear. Will these bug reports be sent to MIUI development team?
So it seems a kernel related problem, I tried installing the stock RUU 2.31 kernel 3.0.8-01575-gdcba118 on MIUI 2.8.31 and push notifications works perfectly but unfortunately with this kernel wi-fi doesn't work. So I came back to original MIUI 2.8.31 rom kernel 3.0.8-01136-g9d2ad31 without notifications :(
I hope MIUI migrate to new base rom ASAP or, at least, fix the kernel to work with latest radio firmware.