hyper OS change controlcenter to classic (xiaomi 14 ultra)


May 19, 2024
Is it possible to change the new notification / control center from xiaomi 14 ultra back to classic one? Im also open for flash roms or modifications in order to vet that classic one back.
xiaomi.eu custom ROM still has the option to use the old version of control/notification center.
The question is how long this feature will be supported.


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Oh, and how can i flash to xiaomi eu rom? Is there a sinple stap by step guide and can i still use the phones functionalities as normal (with banking apps...)??
If you have a Global version of the device, the instructions are here:

Most banking apps should work. GPay also works. The question is whether the old center is worth such a change.
Or maybe there might be an app or some other options to change that notification center i really do not like?