HyperOS 1.0 HyperOS 1.0 STABLE RELEASE

As I wrote earlier, I have the official Indonesia firmware. There has been no update yet.
I just need to know if this feature is available in the stable version of xiaomi.eu. I'm not interested in the weekly version because I need stability.
Haven't unlocked the bootloader yet, I want to make sure.
Ok. I am sorry. I forgot you wrote Indonesia. This feature exists. You can be sure
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So sad the Mi 10 Pro is not supported. Have fun with HyperOS guys, I will come back in a few years, when I get a new phone. Thanks to devs for all the MIUIs you cooked for me!
afaik xiaomi CEO said that even normal mi10 will get it(non pro) so i see no reason why 10 pro wouldn't get it

i just googled it and 10 pro WILL get HyperOS just wait man
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EU stable rom version 1.0.7 is now available #k60pro #socrates. Please tell me if your experience is better than version 1.0.5
The Trending Tab in Mi Video doesn't function anymore. If you click it it simply behaves as a ghost button and does nothing. I've tried clearing cache and other basic solutions but so far no results.


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There has been a rebuild for marble yesterday, yet I haven't found the changelog anywhere. Anyone knows what's the reason for the rebuild?
There is seems to be a new update or rather a rebuild for the F5.

Anyone tried to install it? Does it fix the performance issue with the F5?
Has anyone tried to install Stable Xiaomi.eu ROM for Xiaomi 13 (Model No: 2211133C) ??? I am currently on Global ROM with Unlocked BL and wanted to use GPay/Google Wallet and Android Auto (I bought my Xiaom13 from CHINA and flashed to Global ROM). Wanted to try Xiaomi.Eu ROM but need more information. If anyone can help/share would be great.
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Hi. I noticed I have not been able to receive any SMS. Would like to know what is the workaround please?
I just fastboot update my Lisa (dirty), all works good ! Thank you ! I just lost the vowifi (Orange France).
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What about devices that will receive HyperOS based on Android 13 (for example Xiaomi 12X)? Will they get xiaomi.eu version?
I just fastboot update my Lisa (dirty), all works good ! Thank you ! I just lost the vowifi (Orange France). I can send sms and mms but i don't receive sms and mms ... ?

sory i want to edit my post, i have clik to reply .... my bad

edit : I had to go to the application settings to authorize the sending and receiving of SMS and MMS in "other settings" and there it works. HyperOS has more advanced rights management and dirty flash may not have been effective
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You are wrong.
ROMs for devices with A/B partitions without a dedicated recovery partition include TWRP if available for that model.
So, if I'm not wrong Redwood is similar as Lisa, I mean A/B partitions and no dedicated recovery, should include TWRP, is it correct?
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It is possible if there is a working TWRP for this model. But it always depends on the decision of the developers.
Hello on my Xiaomi 14 pro with rom.eu Android auto works perfectly. Gwallet seems to work as well but I'm using a different payment method
switched from MIUI stable to HyperOS with my Poco F5 via upgrade everything working fine so faar the past hours.

thanks again for all your work !

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