I am new have some Questions

Oct 22, 2014
Hello friends and Developers.

As you can see I am very new here and have some questions in mind.
I read how your are different than miui.com but yet I have a few questions :-

1) I have mi3 with V6 (beta cancro), can I dirty flash your ROM? CWM or MiFlash?

2) Any support to bypass the new theme policy of miui? I dont want to steal anything but they made it so that every device need internet to check a theme even if its free. My dad doesnt need any data plan and by no way I can apply free themes on his mobile without activating Miui ID and going through long process.

3) Apart from Multi Language, Siri and Market (infact in cancro they have removed supermarket and voiceasst) any code cleaning?

4) Any mod to customize V6 further e.g softkeys, center clock, and expanded reboot options? I see these mods are highly device dependent and for base MIUI.

5) Any wsm or xposed like thing in progress to support V6?

Please bear my poor English.
Thank you