ICS for nexus one

I might give porting it a shot! :)
MarkHUK that sounds awesome
Since its not getting ICS officially as told here, http://www.engadget.com/2011/10/26/nexus-one-denied-ice-cream-sandwich-becomes-official-relic-of-a/

It'll be very hard to port the new firmware to the phone, since there is no manufactured source to help go from. However, lots of ports are being done currently at XDA. Here is a link to a build. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1366897

Why not try it and post back here with the results. I'm interested in hearing about it.

So I gave it a try to test ICS for nexus one I got to say i love ICS and N1 still can handle ICS works like a charm even though it has some bugs.

I miss the whole MIUI experience so I gave a try some ported MIUI ICS ROMs for N1 it does need allot of work to work perfectly, but i dont want to go back to GB. The MIUI experience does redefining android - and ICS with MIUI personal I think its the best ROM out there.

May personal opinion I think that google have gave up on N1 to fast. I hope there will be some good ported ROMs, may be MIUI team will official release there ported ROM, but if MarkHUK will give a try porting MIUI ICS to N1 I would love to test it. I know it will be better then other ported ROMs....

P.S. the best MIU ROMs was from miuiandroid.com they all worked like a charm, Thank you to everyone that works on it to release a ROM every Friday.. Big Thanks to Mark
I still have my Nexus One somewhere, dont ask where right now but i've got it. Was talking to the team today and I was thinking about looking into porting ICS to it.