IMILAB Camera Outdoor PTZ version N2 extreme lag


Feb 14, 2020

I'm having terrible problems while trying to use the IMILAB Security Camera N series in the Xiaomi Home app. I have the region set to Mainland China because that's the only region that this camera is supported on.

The problems are related to frequent timeouts and very bad connectivity. Here's what I tried but nothing worked in getting it to work normally:
  • changing the network ssid, to a plain name without spaces or any characters and removing / reconnecting the camera in the app
  • changed the 2.4ghz router channel to another channel (I've read somewhere that Aqara Hub can interfere with the router wifi channel)
  • setting up a wired connection as opposed to the normal wifi linkage of the camera
I am based in Romania and I am guessing this has to be a connectivity problem related to the fact that I have the "Mainland China" region set for the app. But if I can't use the camera with the "Europe" region, I am forced to use the chinese region.

After I switched to the chinese region I've also started getting extreme lag and connectivity issues with my Aqara Hub and other devices that are linked to it.

Hopefully someone has some tips for me on how to solve these issues.

Thank you in advance!