Incredible S - Software S-OFF, CyanogenMod... MIUI Possible?


Jun 24, 2011
Any chance of a MIUI port? I know the general consensus is that if a device has CM the MIUI is possible, the Inc S has been officially supported for a few days now. It would be really nice to see MIUI on this device, I know there are a lot of people who want it (as a bonus I think it will work with the Desire S as well just by switching the kernel, but there is only anecdotal evidence to support this at the moment).

There is also a port from the DHD floating around that works minus bluetooth, Wi-Fi and keyboard backlights so it looks like a lot of the work has already been done for the DHD

EDIT: Looks like a lot of work has already been done on a Chinese forum, but I can't sign up to download because the captcha is in Chinese. Don't know if anyone else will have more luck
That's awesome that u translated it urself, props to u for that

Those English translations are taken from my work, there's some evident "quirks" of my work, would be good to be credited for the Translations as I did do them for the apks.
"... I have done the port of the translations myself..."

Where did I claim to do he translation?

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