Internal memory getting full


Jan 8, 2011
Hello there,

Lately, I have been experiencing a larger than normal notifications about my internal memory being almost full (i get this notification mostly after flashing to a newer version of MIUI). I am quite familiar with the a2sd (i have an ext3 with 1gb of space for it and all my apps are residing in the phone and not in the sd card).

Now, i know how to solve this problem (which is to go to terminal and type in: su and then /system/bin/a2sd cachesdreset) this will restart the phone (looooong restart) and the memory problem is resolved (for the moment).

My question is, what can i do to make sure this problem doesnt come back?
Any thoughts?

I am using the nexus one running 1.3.18 with a 16gb sd card (not sure about the type though)
yeah miui doesn't let the apps go into the SD.
only CM does it automaticially
sucks. just gotta push the apps into SD via app manager.
even that your phone will still get full
thats how i get rid of my notification
Actually, I think it is better to keep the apps in the internal memory. Not only will this make the boot of the phone faster but I read somewhere that's required for a2sd to workwork correctly. (Forgot where I read it, but it was a long time ago).