Is My Miui Version Official?


Aug 8, 2016

I recently bought an international version of the Redmi 3 Pro Prime. It's supposed to be completely official, with official firmware and English packaging and all. So far everything is working perfectly, but I am curious to know if the MIUI version is really legit or if it might be fake.

The version it says on my phone is MIUI Global 7.2 stable (LHPMIDB)
I am kind of doubting if it's legitimate because when I use the updater app, it says there are no updates available. However, when I got to the MIUI website and look at the Redmi 3 global ROMs, the latest stable version I see there is

So is my version unofficial and possibly dangerous? Is there any way to check if it's safe? I'd rather not do any flashing or ROM work because I'm afraid to brick it, so I'm hoping that it's the real deal.

ingbrzy ROM leader
Staff member
Feb 11, 2012
If you didn't get OTA notification for 7.5, your version isn't official..

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