Is a reliable reseller?

Jul 18, 2014
Just wanted to try when i needed a Mi2s for a present. Not much info about them on the web, but since they support PayPal I wanted to give them a try.

I ordered a Mi2s 32GB, Piston earphones and a coloured back cover.

Took them a few day to process and DHL shipping was super fast and packages tracking worked flawlwssy.

So I received my order, and the overall experience was good, Mi2s hardware and earphones was just perfect, but they sent me a Mi3 case instead.

And here comes the pain, customer service is really bad. Always wrote to them at 2.00 p.m (GMT+8) and they ignored the email for more than 48h. They also have a live chat, but when I tried it, never got a reply even if the support chat status was online.

Left with no customer support for days, I decided to open a dispute on Paypal, and magically an email from Ofgou customer service appeared in my inbox. They give me the round about it, told me to keep the Mi3 case and place again an order for the Mi2s case, obviously I was not satisfied with that reply, so i repeated to them to send me the right item with tracking number at their expenses for the third time. The story ends here since it seems that they need more than 48h to reply to an email, I'll keep you updated with the issue.

In the end, is a reliable reseller? Fortunately, the hardware i ordered got no problems, but you had to hope for their package department not to do mistakes.
And if you'll ever need it, be prepared, their customer service is terrible.
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