Phone no response timed out after 14min 55seconds on Calls MI Ultra 11


Dec 3, 2021
Hey guys,

Recently switched from Global rom to EU rom, however this problem was evident even when I was on Global Rom.

I'm in Australia, and we have 1800/1300/13 etc numbers for businesses. Lots of bank use this for their customer service. Of course the wait times are atrocious, which I don't mind but everytime my phone gets to 14minutes and 55seconds on one of these calls, it disconnects and says No response timed out.

I work as a finance broker and call banks on average 5 times a day, I can only really get through on the rare occasion where the wait time is under 15 minutes.

Does someone know where in the settings I can fix this? My carrier is Vodafone, in case that is relevant. I tried their customer chat support who gave me a few suggestions (resetting network etc., none of which worked).