Is there a way to include the name of the app where the screenshot is taken on the screenshot filename?


Jun 30, 2022
For example, you take a screenshot of a tweet, the filename should be like these:

Everything64 - 2022_07_01 - 05_40_40_273_AM.png

My screenshot files were named like that before I switched to xiaomi eu. I also remember that my old Redmi Note 5 that was running on xiaomi eu used to name the screenshots that way as well. I wonder what's with the change?

By the way, my current phone is a Redmi Note 10 Pro and it's on xiaomi eu 12.5.9 Android 11.
There is no need to add anything.
The application names in the screenshot name are also in MIUI 13.


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I tested it on the same app again and the app name appears now. I guess this is happening because I'm just setting up my phone right now.