Is This Normal? Battery Drain In 30min

Jan 15, 2018

I have a Xiaomi Mi4c 32/3Gb

Sometimes when browsing, and always when I watch videos online (from any website, just imagine watching an anime) (using chrome) I get an advice which says (maybe is different in english but my rom is in spanish) "your battery is draining too fast. 30% in the last XXminutes". This happened also while watching videos stored in my mobile device from the video app.

I have this "issue" since always. I recently installed the last rom (miui 9 weekly updates) where I see a improvement related to this, but yesterday I was watching an anime for 30min using Wifi and my mobile shutdown. I tried to recalibrate many times assuming that was the problem, but I have not notice any change.
Nov 26, 2013
Chrome or Browser built in app or both? Do you wipe cache and dalvik installing the new ROM?
Mi4c never was good for battery live, but 30% in minutes is strange. Battery stats tell you what app or hardware is draining the battery.
Jan 15, 2018
I still having the same issue with my battery. I've tried:

-Full discharge (even when the phone turned off, I turned on again and again and again)
-Then opened TWRP and the battery icon was at 0%. I turned the screen to not turnoff and set the brightness to maximum. The phone was at 0% for like 30-40mins and then shutdown. I was unable to turn on it again
-Full charge it again, using a slow charger and leave it poweroff. The battery indicator jumped from 0% to 1-2-3-4-5-6-10% in like 5-10 seconds, so I think something is wrong.
-I let the phone to full charge and turned on. Nothing changed.

Yesterday I updated to Miui10 with the hope this was something related to the ROM (which I think is not, because I've updated too many times) and the issue persist.

Here are 2 screenshots from yesterday.