Latest MIUI for Evo.


Jan 28, 2011
Hi all, thanks for indulging what must surely be a rookie question.

After flashing CM7 nightlies for about a week, I discovered MIUI and last night installed MIUI has given me a raging phoner that isn't going away in 4 hours... :)

What is the latest and greatest MIUI for the Evo, and would somebody mind linking it?

Thanks for any help, and many thanks to all those who have contributed to my new addiction. My wife does not thank you though.


ps I have found this to be pretty stable so far, though earlier today the wifi would not enable (just said Error) and when I rebooted, it hung at white screen until I popped the battery. GPS works flawlessly.
MIUI updates pretty much weekly on Friday night. It takes the different developers a bit to port it to each device and translate everything from the Chinese it comes to them in. So you will mostly see the download link for the final build on Saturday morning. If it's not up yet just keep checking back. This weeks should be 1.1.28. You'll find the link on the home page for this site.
Thanks Pierceye.
Is there a link to 1.1.26? I've looked all over and can't see any actual downloads.