Latest update issue MIUI 12.5.3


Jul 31, 2021
Hi guys,

I've made today an update for the 12.5.3 as requested by software and after booting and doing all of it's stuff I've went to Google Play to update my apps. It seems that this update is preventing google services from working.

It's been some hours spent in search of why does this new update blocks me from accessing Google play ( I press the icon and immediately it sends me back to the home screen).

The phone was bought from EU market and as I've seen on the internet until now that the CH ROM started doing this blocks(I don't know if I have the CH ROM). I've tried installing other variants of Google Play and Google services,reboots,etc...nothing seems to work. Also when I go to youtube and YT music it just rotates the little circle but nothing loads.

Can someone kindly please help me with this issue?

Thank you in advance.


Feb 15, 2019

That happens on the Chinese Rom.

Back up All using the Xiaomi Backup tool, not the Cloud, move it to a safe place, SD/Computer/Cloud.


You can use the Xiaomi Cloud as well but you can't restore as fast as with Local, you'll depend on having Network, nor can restore individual Apps/Settings (AFAIK).


Then you can Flash a previous Chinese, directly from the Updater (as some reports out here) or go directly to the EU (better than Indian), in both (CN/EU) the Xiaomi Backup fully works to restore mostly all Settings/Apps/Data.

Here you can find some steps to go to EU, India or others.

Read, take notes and back up everything before start with it.

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