New Lenovo S820 Bugs


Aug 10, 2013
Bugs on Lenovo S820 MIUI V5 Rom (Tested on 3.9.20 & 3.9.27)

  • Force close when trying to access APN settings
  • Force close when clicking 2g/3g toggle
  • UK mobile calls display as 07.... whereas UK mobile sms display as +447 (possible number attribution error)
  • Battery only charges to 99% (Recalibrated today so maybe a possible fix)
  • Force close when trying to view 'battery use' when battery is below 15% (low battery)
  • Notification LED light only displays for charging, sms and missed calls. It does not display for downloaded apps such as Wechat, QQ, Facebook etc. and Gapps.
Other than these few bugs the rom works extremely well and is very stable. Many thanks to all :)