New Media handling fails with NTFS cards!

Mar 30, 2012
I've been posting this issue for the last 6 months in many threads in xda-devs portal, but got no solutions so far. I'm aware that MIUI V5 is based on a recent build released by Quarx, and, as such, seems to have 'inherited' this issue from it. The problem is that, from his 11/18 build onwards, all of them have issues with that annoying "unfortunately, process has stopped" toast message coming up whenever any media contents (i.e. music, camera, play store, alarms, notifications, system sounds, etc) must be either played or changed, whenever a NTFS-formatted card is in place, It happens because media scheduler gets value -1 as volume ID, even though the card is mounted, since files browsers are able to access to its contents just fine.

As always, I have to go back to a previous nandroid backup of Quarx's 11/17 build, which happens to handle NTFS cards just fine.

Really hope that MIUI devs are able to track this issue down.