mi 11 pro from android11 + miui12 to android12+miui13 with twrp methode - your advice


Jul 16, 2021
please ,
im trying to understand the whole proccess before doing it and maybe make any fattal errors , its hard for me because i see in the attacment of "gogo" and it looks like in the end the installing of the new twrp is threw the old twrp , i can see it .
so please confirm me if im doing well these steps - i have right now mi 11pro stable eu rom -
i downloaded this twrp - 3.6.2_12-Mi11Ultra-Mi11Pro_v3.7_A12-star-skkk_7bb5f333
*** where can i find the link for an eu rom stable that would be flashed by twrp ?***

This procedure only applies to models with A/B partitions.
Rename the downloaded TWRP to twrp.img - is it correct now the name i gave him - "3.6.2_12-Mi11Ultra-Mi11Pro_v3.7_A12-star-skkk_7bb5f333.img " ?
1. run TWRP using the fastboot command Code: fastboot boot twrp.img - does it mean to open cmd and write there in these exact words " fastboot boot twrp.img" (not to write the full name of the twrp like it shown up in the download) ?
2. Insert the downloaded TWRP into the phone - to put the twrp file wherever i want , for example the "downloads" file?
3. Install - from now on(3 to 7) i can figure that im inside the old twrp and use it to install the new twrp , correct?
4. Install the image
5. Install Recovery Ramdisk
6. reboot to recovery
7. reboot to systém - after finishing these steps i actually reboot into the new twrp and i can install the new eu rom with the android 12 /miui 13 . correct?

after finishing these all , do i have to do any wipe?
after getting the new eu rom , will i be able from now on to update my rom threw my settings , by clicking on "update"?

thnx and please forgive me for not understanding . its just afraid of doing fattal errors