New Screenshot files deletion bug


Apr 24, 2018
Device: Redmi 5 Plus - China, 64GB / 4GB ram version
OS: Weekly 8.7.19

I'm currently experiencing a bug, for details:

- If I create a screenshot and delete it from built-in Gallery then it's disappear in Gallery like normal. But it won't get disappear from other apps and File manager (Recent items, too). I have to manually open File Manager and go to Internal Storage -> Pictures -> Screenshots to delete.​
- Sometimes this bug make apps using picture for uploading (like Facebook, Messenger, Discord,...) display an "Error loading media" although I have deleted all files in Screenshots folder. I have to reboot to Recovery and wipe cache, dalvik/cache in order to solved error. But the bug still existed.​

I'm looking forward for your reply, developers.


Dec 2, 2017
Not sure if this is the same phenomenon, but I have noticed some anomalous (strange) behaviour wrt the file system.

When I connect a phone to a PC via USB to transfer files, then move some files around to a new directory from within the phone, and then look at the files again from the PC, they will appear to be in both places at the same time.

This must be some sort of latency in how the file system works, not really a "bug" I guess, have not tried to understand what is actually happening.