1. P

    Invalid Wi-Fi Doesn't turn on after updating Poco X3 Pro (vayu)

    I've recently received an update notification and updated my Poco X3 Pro MIUI ( I use Xiaomi.EU rom since version 12.5 ), from to and now Wi-Fi does not turn on in settings and also from control center. restarting the phone also didn't help. I uploaded a video to show that...
  2. K

    Invalid WiFi Connecting and Disconnecting [Poco F3 / MIUI 13 v13.0.5 Stable / Android 12]

    Good day everyone, I want to address this problem since it was overdue and have not been resolved by any means like reset wifi, factory reset, change/upgrade ROM (official Global EEA vice versa and Xiaomi.eu recently), reset my wifi router and change band/country and etc. This issue began when...
  3. J3isoos

    5GHz band restrictions

    Hi, I would like to ask if someone could tell me how the band restrictions for 5GHz WiFi are bypassed in Xiaomi.eu ROM. I have a Xiaomi Pad 5, which as we know has no support for the Xiaomi.eu ROM, but MIUI 13 with MIUI+ is available only as China ROM. The only gripe I have with this ROM is that...
  4. sergiomc

    New Can't connect WIFI 5GHz - MI10T - EU Stable V12.5.7 Android 11

    Hello good evening, I have a problem with my Xiaomi MI10T using the EU Stable with Android 11. For a while now, it disconnects from the 5GHz Wifi, and when I want to reconnect, it won't let me, I get a "Trying" message and then nothing happens. In the end, the WIFI option remains open, but it no...
  5. G

    New Mi9T WiFi connection issues and appswitcher not working

    Hi, after installing 12.5.1 stable on my Mi9T im having difficulties using WiFi as well as the appswitcher. WiFi is connecting fine and working for some, but not all connections. Some Apps work, some partially. For example the reddit-sync app loads content and comments, but showing pictures...
  6. J


    When using background-foreground applications that use the network, choose to close one of the applications or reduce the quality of connection to the network, even if they are performing activities that consume few resources either in the background and in the foreground or both at the same...
  7. Tades

    Mi Laser Projector 150" Wi-fi Not Connected Problem

    Hi, The device gives a no connection warning when we provide internet connection via wifi. When I checked it shows wifi connected but no internet access. I reset the network settings, tested with a different mobile network, but no change. Can you help me? Thanks.
  8. T

    Invalid Dual band wifi option gets disabled every time i reboot my phone

    Dual band wifi option gets disabled every time i reboot my phone You can find this amazing feature in wifi settings->wifi assistant->dual band wifi
  9. M

    Invalid MIUI 12.5 WiFi issue

    My WiFi on Redmi Note 8 Pro keeps disconnecting and reconnecting in loop. How can i fix it?
  10. M

    New WiFi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting, only rebooting will solve the issue and only once

    Whenever I turn my WiFi off and turn it back on, or connect to a mobile hotspot, my WiFi will connect successful for a split second and disconnect, then reconnect successful for a split second etc... The only solution is to reboot the phone every time I want to use WiFi, it'll only fix it...
  11. R

    Two smart speakers two wi-fi networks

    Hi. I have two smart speakers and each one in a different wifi network, being the second a Tplink amplifier. Is there a way to connect the speakers?
  12. S

    New 21.1.13 Mi9 Lite: Wifi stops working

    Hi, after updating to 21.1.13 once or twice a day my Wifi stops working. It's showing as connected but does not have any connection, no i cannot reach the router or anything in the internet behind that. When i disconnect and reconnect everything is fine until it appears again some hours later...
  13. C

    Invalid Crazy Fails in Mi9t Pro

    Good Evening! Well... 1. Screen shot with 3 fingers never works. 2. Select one App for open any Doc only blink and blink and never remember your preferences. 3. The app Camera sometimes dont works. 4. Call of Dutty only do Force Close. 5. Battery Drains Horrible. 6. Wifi fails every 15 minutes...
  14. K

    Xiaomi Redmi note 7 wifi calls not working?

    Hi, so I know you can enable wifi calls on your Redmi note 7 phone, but that doesn't mean wifi call will work. I believe phone operators needs to support your phone for this. I use "Onecall" which is based in Norway. They only support iPhone's, Samsung phones, and a few huawei phones. Is it...
  15. F

    dhcp en wifi, no se puede cambiar ip estatica

    Desde las últimas actualizaciones, (no se en cual) cuando intento cambiar de ip en la configuración del wifi a manual, todo va bien menos la ip que le asigne manualmente, que aunque ponga otra, no cambia, y es muy importante para poder entrar en el panel web de otros dispositivos que quiero...
  16. M

    Hotspot works on Android phones, not on Win or Mac?

    Hi All, The problem is that the hotspot (2.4 GHz, Device identification:default, security WPA2-Personal) is correctly seen by the laptops but there is no internet connection. I received the Mi 9T last week and it's a great phone except for the hotspot not working properly. I received it with the...
  17. Phantomcry

    Wi-Fi keeps turning off... and I can't activate the account. Help!

    Hi, recently I've had a problem with my Xiaomi Redmi 4X, it's Wi-Fi kept disconnecting every time I tried to turn it on. I tried to search for a fix and somewhere it said that I should factory reset the phone. So I did.. The Wi-Fi connection hasn't been fixed and now it wants me to activate my...
  18. F

    Connection Issue

    Hello guys, I would like to ask your help in the following frustrating issue: I have a Mija Home with a 360 Camera, 3x Mi Smart Plugs (Wifi) (and 7 sensors). Yesterday there was a power outage meanwhile I was working and I experienced that 2 of 3 plugs are offline, 1 was working as it used to...
  19. B

    9.9.3 and 9.9.27 Captive WiFi ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

    Hi, maybe someone can give me a hint to solve my problem. Since I updated to 9.9.27 and later on to 9.9.3 on my Xiaomi Mi Mix2s I can't connect anymore to WiFi's that have a Captive Portal in between before you're finally connected to the internet. (Hotels, Public Wifi's etc..). The strange...
  20. S

    Redmi Note 7 WiFi problem

    Hello, First of all I would like to apologize for my english, it's my second language. Now to my problem - I've got a problem with my new Redmi Note 7 4/128GB Global version, Miui version - Global 10.3.5 stable. Every time I try to hold my phone horizontally with both hands - one on the top...