1. B

    9.9.3 and 9.9.27 Captive WiFi ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

    Hi, maybe someone can give me a hint to solve my problem. Since I updated to 9.9.27 and later on to 9.9.3 on my Xiaomi Mi Mix2s I can't connect anymore to WiFi's that have a Captive Portal in between before you're finally connected to the internet. (Hotels, Public Wifi's etc..). The strange...
  2. S

    Redmi Note 7 WiFi problem

    Hello, First of all I would like to apologize for my english, it's my second language. Now to my problem - I've got a problem with my new Redmi Note 7 4/128GB Global version, Miui version - Global 10.3.5 stable. Every time I try to hold my phone horizontally with both hands - one on the top...
  3. T

    New [MI9SE-9.7.25]Wifi/SIM signal strange behavior

    So long story short, i bought the mi9se and it came a week ago and i'm facing several problems that i'm not sure if its hardware or software, if you guys could help it would be awesome. Issues: 1 - It seems that its happening a problem with wifi or SIM chip signal, that it disconnects and...
  4. chrrit

    Mi Pad Wife / Internet Access problem

    Hi, I have an issue with my daughter's Mi Pad (1): I can connect to my home Wifi Router but I have no internet access. When I open google after awhile it stops and says bad network connection. All my other devices work fine, no problem. And: when I connect the Mi Pad to the hotspot of my Mi 9...
  5. I

    New WIFI ISSUE ON 9.5.25 when clean flashed on POCO

    I was on AOSP( AOSP Extnded ROM) latest with vendor 9.4.25. I clean flashed MIUI BETA EU 9.4.25 (wiped dalvik, data, system, internal and cache). Then after setup and everything, i faced this issue where when i turn off wifi and then turn it back on, it doesnt turn on at all and sometimes...
  6. Utrnlea

    New Mi 8 Wifi Sharing doens't work

    Hello, I use a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 since 1 year and it work well but i recently change for a Xiaomi Mi 8. I have a problem to use the wifi sharing with other device. I used tu use wifi sharing with my Redmi Note 5 and a 4G connection, it's very simple. With the Mi 8 it doesn't work with...
  7. Potatossaurin

    Invalid WiFi instability

    my WiFi is working much slower and sometimes it disconnects and it is about 3 seconds talking that it does not even find a WiFi available Redmi 4x 8.11.22
  8. G

    Mi Router 3 Wifi Speed Issue

    Hi everyone, I just got my new Xiaomi Mi router 3 English version and after the configuration I'm facing a wifi speed problem. Using the 2.4GHz band I can't go over 35Mb/s, while using LAN cable I can reach 80Mb/s. The 5GHz band is a little faster but the range is not as the other one. Anyone...
  9. M

    Mi Wifi Router 3 - Dosn't Work 5g And Guest Wifi

    Hello! I have the xiaomi router 3 with firmware 2.10.38 (english version) and doesn't work 5g and guest wifi. I have changed several times the firmware, to be resolved but nothing. What to do?
  10. Skyflare

    New Bug Note 3 Pro (kenzo) 7.9.7 Wifi Signal/speed And Random Fc

    Wifi signal and speed very low on the Kenzo HMNote3Pro, even after a clean installation via TWRP. Random Force closures in applications: KLO Bugreport, Gmail (Sometimes), Whatsapp (Sometimes) Please fix these issues in Redmi Note 3 Pro! :( EDIT * More details* I have 15mb of internet speed...
  11. GuseppiGuliano

    New Xiaomi Mi5s 5 Ghz Wifi Problem

    Hi! I have an ASUS RT-AC58U Router and I just don't know why wouldn't my Mi 5s connect to my router's 5 GHz band? It wouldn't even show up in the WiFi menu on my Mi 5s.What good is it then if I have a fast Internet connection but can't utilise the full potential of it... Anyways, I have checked...
  12. S

    Xiaomi Mi5 Wifi Failure

    Hello, yesterday i recieved my new xiaomi mi5 and everything was working. a couple hours later i couldnt turn the wifi on i restarted the device, turned flight mode on/off, and even did a hard reset. Nothing worked out to solve the problem. now my question: is anyone having the same issue or did...
  13. M

    Router Pro (r3p) Blocking Wifi Printer Scanner

    I just installed my new xiaomi router pro, as a replacement of my tp-link router. everything seems to be working fine and superfast. except for one thing: my wifi printer/scanner will just not work anymore. the new router has been set up exactly the same as my old router; same ssid, passwords...
  14. P

    Wifi Problems! Help

    Hey, so recently I decided to update from 5.1.1 to android 7. It was very stressful process and it took me a long time to do it because I am real noob in mobile things. so I updated to MIUI 8.3. everything looked fine but then I noticed that my Wifi keeps on disconnecting like every 15 seconds...
  15. Pitada

    Wifi Dns Probe Bad Config

    Hi, recently I'm experiencing losing wifi connection with my router and the reason is dns bad config. It's a marshmallow problem? Don't happens with my wife's phone (lollipop)... I found an article of a dns changer, that really works. It opens a VPN connection and I start having connection...
  16. Alcatronic

    New Mi4s 7.2.9 Nougat Wifi Mac Address Resets After Every Restart

    Hey guys, on my wife's mi4s, since I installed Nougat the WiFi Mac Address resets every time her phone restarts. Please help! Thanks, Hendrik
  17. D

    Advice On Mi Box 3 Purchase

    Hello. I want to get a mi box 3 with 4k capabilities off ebay: how can i tell the difference between the mi box 3 and 3s, does the 3 also run marshmallow and have voice control. Ebay does not specify if its 3 or 3s description of one I want to order: Xiaomi Mi Box (International Version) -...
  18. tcmaps

    New 8.1.3: No Wi-fi Channel 13

    Can't see our Wi-Fi on Ch13, tough beeing in Europe It works only when switching the router to Ch 1-11
  19. J

    Wifi Issue Cancro

    hi on wed night i connected to one of the unknown open wifi network in office..and it was giving great speed..i used it for around 5 minutes and then disconnected...after that i am not able to connect to any wifi network...neither at my home router nor any mobile hotspot..or any wifi...
  20. J

    Mi3 Wifi Issue

    hi one night i connected to one of the unknown open wifi network in office..and it was giving great speed..i used it for around 5 minutes and then disconnected...after that i am not able to connect to any wifi network...neither at my home router nor any mobile hotspot..or any wifi...