Sep 10, 2021
I want to share my phone's very fast 5g connection with my laptop and can't seem to fully do it.

While wireless hotspot works ok over 2.4ghz, I'd like to up the speed a bit.
My laptop can't connect when using the 5ghz option even though it can see the network.

Meanwhile I've had a go with USB hotspot sharing.
With the original cable that came with the phone:
  1. hotspot works with one of my laptop's two standard USB ports, but the speed is about 10% of the phone's 5g speedtest.
  2. hotspot can't be done with the other USB port, because the hotspot says 'USB isn't connected'. Unlike in 1 above, nothing comes up on the phone for me to choose what happens with this USB connection. However, the phone does still charge.
With a USB-C cable to my laptop's only USB-C slot, the result is the same as point 2 above.

The phone was bought new from the most reputable store in my country.

Any tips would be much appreciated.
Apr 9, 2018
I think the main problem is your laptop. I just try with my Dell Vostro 5471 and K40 Pro. 5 GHz and USB Type C hotspot work like a charm.