New mi-2s screen bug?

Jul 27, 2013
hi guys,
I have this small text error on my phones, really wierd and annoying! Its floating from top - right of screen (mostly in white, sometimes green). It seems to be running on top of another layer, its always there where im playing games, surf, or at home screen. Anyone else have the same issue? And how to make it go away..thanks.
Screenshot_2013-08-06-16-25-38.jpg Screenshot_2013-08-06-18-31-22.jpg Screenshot_2013-08-06-18-31-32.jpg

xiaomi mi2 16gb
- still running on stock miui coz just recieve the phone 2 days ago.
- That "maps" app built in with the phone shows my location as blank and have chinese text. So i muck around with gps status, gps fix.. then the error started ><