[Mi 8] [Weekly Review] MIUI 11 Xiaomi.EU Beta 9.10.31


Aug 16, 2019

Hi MIUIers,

I am starting a new series to discuss what's new and bugs happening in EU beta ROMs. It will be helpful if some of you can report and confirmed the issue here to official Xiaomi.EU website. So without further ado, let's get started!

1. Security patch updated to November 2019.

2. Added option to use custom picture on Always-on Display (AOD).
Now you can use your own picture to be displayed on AOD. Also added option to invert the image color and clock position adjustments.

3. Added search bar at bottom of home screen.
User can toggle this setting on/off at Home Screen settings.

4. New app lock interface when unlocking apps.
Added gaussian blur behind the app lock interface that perfectly blends with MIUI 11 design language.
(No screenshot available as it is screenshot-protected)

5. Added ability to lock/unlock all apps.

6. Option to remember SIM card preferences.

7. Redesigned interface of Xiaomi Cloud Backup & Restore.

8. Limit Quick Snap feature to only snap photo.
Remove the video quick snap feature from Camera Settings.
Nevertheless, the Quick Snap feature was still broken.

9. Added weather and Wallpaper Carousel shortcut on lock screen.

- [Partial Fix] Picture in Picture (PIP) didn't works properly when using full-screen gesture system.
Sometimes (rarely) the apps unable to go into PIP when swiping up to Recents but when swiping to home screen PIP is now worked properly.

1. Quick snap (Picture/Video) broke.

2. Dynamic font-weight feature broke several third-party apps font boldness (e.g. WhatsApp).

3. Ongoing notification (e.g. Download progress) will make AOD animation glows continuously until the ongoing notification disappeared.

Wow there are plethora of changes in this week update. The most important thing is they finally fix that PIP issues! And new app lock interface is cool too. Great job to MIUI China developer team and also of course to Xiaomi.EU developers!


Sep 17, 2019
Some people claim that they have colored notifications on AOD while on mine do not work at all even in gray color
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Jun 28, 2016
Hello. Next week I will receive the Mi 8. I wanted to know how much it improves the battery life and the fluidity with the xiaomi eu compared to the global. Has the problem of notifications missing in the status bar been solved?
It would be very welcome a link for the right recovery suitable for the last (or next) weekly eu.
Many thanks


Aug 12, 2018
How much Screen On Time do you have ? My battery consumption is extremely high.

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