Mi 9 Main menu on reboot but passing through fastboot continue works


Mar 5, 2022
I have a Xiaomi Mi 9 that was working well but it was out of space (i don't know if it matters).
Last week my Xiaomi shutdown after it ran out of battery. I put it to charge and when it wake up it was on the "Main Menu", I try every option (wipe data included) but it was always rebooting on this same screen.
After some research, I flash it with MiFlash but still the same issue. This morning I saw that the device was out of battery again, and when I put it on charge it start normally with the new version I flashed. But when I reboot the device, it starts again on the "Main Menu". I deduced that the issue was not the firmware but the bootloader so I go into fastboot mode using adb command :

- adb reboot bootloader
- fastboot continue

And it's working, I'm on my phone. But if I shutdown or reboot it I'm on the "Main Menu" again and i can't go out of it without my computer and the "fastboot continue" hack ...
Does someone know how I can get rid of it ? I don't have the knowledge necessary to understand how android boot is working but i'm quite sure the solution is easy ^^.