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  1. M

    Battery drain over night Mi 9

    Please see attached this seems to happen quite often now. My Mi 9 which has had a new battery about 3 months back due to this battery drain issue still has this problem. Some nights when the phone is on my table with battery saver always on, no persistent auto wake/start up apps, and all default...
  2. M

    Mi 9 change power button/volume rocker part advice

    Power button replacement advice I recently changed my battery as it was starting to drain overnight about 20-30%. So after all of that I also thought I'd change my power button which has been giving me problems where it won't register or will try to restart the phone registering as being...
  3. Z

    Mi 9 Main menu on reboot but passing through fastboot continue works

    I have a Xiaomi Mi 9 that was working well but it was out of space (i don't know if it matters). Last week my Xiaomi shutdown after it ran out of battery. I put it to charge and when it wake up it was on the "Main Menu", I try every option (wipe data included) but it was always rebooting on this...
  4. S

    Google text to speech settings missing

    I'm unable to enter the settings to change the tts voice since there is no (gear icon) I'm on miui 21.8.25 Mi 9 It would be much helpful if someone could help mesince Im trying to change to a male voice for my ebooks.
  5. S

    Mi 9 whatsapp notification shows recent messages

    Hi, when I receive a single whatsapp message, the whole bunch of unread messages (that I already received a notification for) also shows up. Not the last message individually. This is especially annoying when I use my Amazfit GTR 2, because when I get a whatsapp message it tells me "15 messages...
  6. M

    New [21.5.27] Mi 9 Wireless charging crashing constantly

    Issue occured after updating from Global stable to 20.12.28 and still occurs on 21.1.6. Whenever I charge my phone using original Xiaomi 20W Qi desk charger or 20W Qi car charger my phone stops charging after a few minutes, then restores charging after like one minute and whole process repeates...
  7. A

    Invalid Mi 9 Won't let me turn the volume up!

    I got a Mi 9 running MIUI Global 11.0.9. I had no complaints from my phone so far as it ran problem-free. Till today. So here's the deal. It won't let me turn the volume up. Either the phone just won't respond or when i actually succeed to turn the volume up, the bar automatically goes down all...
  8. ChillyWillySRB

    New [MIUI QFCMIXM] Mi 9 lite

    Hi guys! :) I'm new here and if I'm posting a topic in the wrong place, don't blame me. Thank you. I got a new update (MIUI QFCMIXM) and they still didn't put correct the date format on the lock screen. It is still in the US format [10/26] instead of the european [26.10.2020.] How to...
  9. A

    New [] Microphone doesn't work when using the main speaker on Mi 9

    Hi, When I try to make a call using any application (the phone application, Signal, Discord, Whatsapp), the microphone doesn't work when I use the external loudspeaker. If I turn it off and use the internal loudspeaker, it works again. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Thanks
  10. paulo_1307_


    TL;DR in the end Screen combo is a new feature, at the moment only available for Mi 9 and Mi 10. It's basically Xiaomi attempt to copy the My phone feature that Samsung has in partnership with Windows. More info here After half an hour researching the chinese forum (i don't speak chinese, so...
  11. K

    New [27.8.20] mi 9. Camera keeps stopping when in a google duo video call.

    After the last update whenever I'm in a video call on Google duo I keep getting camera keeps stopping error. I have attached the bug summary in this thread.
  12. P

    New Second Space desconfigures music app from main space (20.7.30)

    Hi guys I found this bug since last update, and it continues appearing in the actually version. The problem starts when I go to my second space and back to main space. Immediately music app (I use Cosmic Player) desconfigures, I have the app with black theme, and other things that fit my use...
  13. M

    Will the MIUI 12 rom from Xiaomi.eu fix these issues?

    I have a Xiaomi Mi 9. It's a great phone, but the numerous notification issues mean that I can't use it as my main device. AOD notifications disappear after unlocking and relocking the screen, even if I haven't acted on them or dismissed them. Even though AOD notifications are set to show all...
  14. M

    New Animations failing

    My mi 9 doesn't always have these screen unlock animations, sometimes it works and sometimes just the wallpaper that makes the effect. I've tried to install different versions of Mi launcher and it doesn't change anything. Can anyone help? I still thought it was a MIUI.EU problem, so I moved to...
  15. A

    New expanded notifications

    I can't expand notifications to read more ... in beta china when you hold the notification it opens so you can read everything. here it doesn't happen, it opens the configuration of that notification. look at the print as it appears, when holding the correct one, it will expand the notification...
  16. lucasdelion

    New Mi 9 Camera App - Corrupted Metadata

    Hello, I use a Xiaomi Mi 9, with MIUI 11 v11.0.5.0QFACNXM (stable) Camera App: 3.0. I had this error before while using the Global Rom (and mistakenly posted here) but now the same problems returns so I'm back to the only place I think I could solve it. The error: My Photo APP is corrupting...
  17. I

    Invalid [Mi 9] Pocket mode has dissapeared

    I have recently realize that pocket mode function is no more available in MIUI 11 weekly firmware since December versions. Why this functionality has been disabled? I think is a known issue in all 9 series and it is a must have functionality. Thanks.
  18. J

    Bad quality sound while using the USB PORT

    Hi guys, I got the MI 9 and recently bought the Xiaomi earphones USB type c ant and the sound quality is reay bad. Do you know some type of solutions for this?? Thanks!
  19. L

    Xiaomi.eu ROM questions - help needed!

    Hi guys, Mi 9 is a great device, but not even MIUI 11 fixed its many notification issues. Does the Xiaomi.eu rom fix this, especially the AOD notifications for 3rd party apps? Does installing this rom mean that I would have to root the phone and unable to use Google Pay and banking apps? Thanks!
  20. N

    New [9.10.24] Mi9 - Storage problem

    I've made a clean flash of the beta 9.10.24 (MIUI 11) and since then I can't install some apps from the store, I can't access storage through the explorer, can't download files from the browser and can't take pictures because it tells me to insert a SD card. I can access the storage in TWRP...