mi 9

  1. M

    Will the MIUI 12 rom from Xiaomi.eu fix these issues?

    I have a Xiaomi Mi 9. It's a great phone, but the numerous notification issues mean that I can't use it as my main device. AOD notifications disappear after unlocking and relocking the screen, even if I haven't acted on them or dismissed them. Even though AOD notifications are set to show all...
  2. M

    New Animations failing

    My mi 9 doesn't always have these screen unlock animations, sometimes it works and sometimes just the wallpaper that makes the effect. I've tried to install different versions of Mi launcher and it doesn't change anything. Can anyone help? I still thought it was a MIUI.EU problem, so I moved to...
  3. A

    New expanded notifications

    I can't expand notifications to read more ... in beta china when you hold the notification it opens so you can read everything. here it doesn't happen, it opens the configuration of that notification. look at the print as it appears, when holding the correct one, it will expand the notification...
  4. lucasdelion

    New Mi 9 Camera App - Corrupted Metadata

    Hello, I use a Xiaomi Mi 9, with MIUI 11 v11.0.5.0QFACNXM (stable) Camera App: 3.0. I had this error before while using the Global Rom (and mistakenly posted here) but now the same problems returns so I'm back to the only place I think I could solve it. The error: My Photo APP is corrupting...
  5. I

    Invalid [Mi 9] Pocket mode has dissapeared

    I have recently realize that pocket mode function is no more available in MIUI 11 weekly firmware since December versions. Why this functionality has been disabled? I think is a known issue in all 9 series and it is a must have functionality. Thanks.
  6. J

    Bad quality sound while using the USB PORT

    Hi guys, I got the MI 9 and recently bought the Xiaomi earphones USB type c ant and the sound quality is reay bad. Do you know some type of solutions for this?? Thanks!
  7. L

    Xiaomi.eu ROM questions - help needed!

    Hi guys, Mi 9 is a great device, but not even MIUI 11 fixed its many notification issues. Does the Xiaomi.eu rom fix this, especially the AOD notifications for 3rd party apps? Does installing this rom mean that I would have to root the phone and unable to use Google Pay and banking apps? Thanks!
  8. N

    New [9.10.24] Mi9 - Storage problem

    I've made a clean flash of the beta 9.10.24 (MIUI 11) and since then I can't install some apps from the store, I can't access storage through the explorer, can't download files from the browser and can't take pictures because it tells me to insert a SD card. I can access the storage in TWRP...
  9. N

    Attention! Mi9 hard bricked!

    Hello, Just to advise you: DON'T rollback from Android 10 to Android 9 with twrp! Mine is dead after restoring a android 9 backup and rebooted. Be careful!
  10. R

    Google play services stopped

    Hi everyone, Recently I updated my mi 9 to the newest miui 11 (9.10.17). Everything was fine but every time I opened the google play store it crashed. It said: “google play store stopped” and after I clicked that notification away, a new notification popped up: “Google play services stopped”. I...
  11. V

    Invalid Mobile Banking Issue

    Hi, I flashed EU Rom on my CN Rom device since March this yr.Everything worked fine except when I flashed the Android Q. I'm from Ph and I have mobile banking apps installed in my phone, specifically BPI and BDO. After flashing Android Q, I can no longer open mg BDO app, but still can on my BPI...
  12. vegetz

    New [Mi 9] [EU 9.9.6] Google Maps location history issue

    Since eu rom updated to Android Q, This location history can't be turn on. I try to find how to enable it. but not found the solution so i tought it's a bug / if not can someone guide me how to enable this?
  13. C

    General downsides of Xiaomi.eu-Rom on the Mi 9?

    In the next days I'll receive my brand new Mi 9 and I'm not new to flashing and all this custom rom stuff. I researched a lot about our pretty ROM and I have a new questions now about general downsides of flashing this ROM. My demand is a clutterfree ROM which I have to install once and it'll...
  14. Faust_404

    New BUG Mi 9 9.8.22

    Device name - mi 9 Current Rom - 9.8.22 Previous Rom - 9.8.15 Examples.. I am reporting a bug..on mi 9 Rom is crashing after updates . I include logs and pic for reference... Google Pay not working :( Messenger Not working caste The camera does not work video and crashes
  15. H

    [MI 9- cepheus] TWRP not boot and no ROM installed.

    Hi everyone, I flashed the recovery rom it worked, but then I cannot flash the rom due to error 7: package name "cepheus", this is "xiaomi 9". Then I turned off the recovery, and it returned to fastboot mode and keep loop in fastboot. I cannot turn off, and when I flash the recovery file again...
  16. L

    Xiaomi.eu Camera app as a stand-alone app?

    Hi! I really like the features and results of the camera app that comes as a part of the Xiaomi.eu ROM (BETA branch). Is there any chance to find the camera app as a stand-alone app (APK file?) for the Mi 9? I am testing a Mi 9 at the moment because of the annoying 4G/LTE issue that I have with...
  17. M

    New Can't turn off reading mode on Mi 9

    It's been a week since I installed MIUI.EU (9.5.23) on my newly acquired Mi 9, and I'm loving very much, even my battery life is lasting longer! But there is something that have been bothering me: I can't turn off the reading mode. I mean, it actually is off on the settings, but it's not de...