New MI 9T PRO - MIUI 11.0.3 global - Camera app crashes when trying to record a video


Nov 20, 2019
Hello everyone,

After doing some researches it seems that I'm the only poor soul with that bug :

I recently updated my MI 9T PRO to MIUI 11.0.3 global by OTA. The update seems to have gone well except for one thing :

Every time I try to record a video with the stock camera app (normal video, slow mo, or even with the front facing camera) the app crashes ...

Video recording worked prior the update.

I've already tried to reset the app settings and clear its cache, but none of it works...

Is someone having the same issue ? What would be the solutions to fix that problem ?

For those interested, here is the error log that I get when the crash occurs :


Thanks in advance !