Mi 9T to Redmi K20 conversion patch (MIUI 11 & 12 Android 10)


Oct 3, 2019
Hello every Redmi K20/Mi 9T users!

With elements given by @LeonardoBordin from XDA Forum and https://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/redmi-k20-pro-to-mi-9t-pro-conversion-patch-miui-11.53597/, here's some "all-in-one" TWRP zip packages to convert your phone's model from "Xiaomi Mi 9T "to "Redmi K20".

INFO: You may want to install this patch on 20.6.4+ weekly xiaomi.eu ROM update to fix Amazon Prime HD.


"Safe" version -v1.0-

- Working on any MIUI 11 & MIUI 12 Android 10 ROM -

== MIUI 12 boot animation ==

== MIUI 11 boot animation ==

Changelog for "Safe" v1.x:
- v1.0: Initial release


Minimal "Safe" version v1.0
* Only change device name model *



Main changes:

- Mi logo was replaced with "Redmi" logo.
- Mi/MIUI boot animation has been replaced with "Redmi" boot animation (use: MIUI 11 boot animation).
- Mi/Redmi boot animation has been replaced with "MIUI" boot animation (use: MIUI 12 boot animation).
- Device model has been replaced as "Redmi K20".
- Camera Watermark displays "Redmi K20" (not working for Camera 4.0 / MIUI 12).

Please try and comment. :)

== Use it at your own risks (backup first) ==

Steps to follow:

Use Official or OrangeFox TWRP

1) Download one conversion patch zip file you want and put this file in root of your phone's storage.

2) Boot to TWRP Recovery.

3) Go to "Install" menu and find & select your previously downloaded zip file.

4) Do NOT tick "Reboot after installation" option!

5) Flash it.

6) After flashing, click on "Wipe Dalvik&Cache" button and do the wipe.

7) Reboot and enjoy!


If you used my "Universal" patch (Redmi K20 to Mi 9T conversion) before, you need to update the security patch date and fingerprint build info to be able to boot.
- Install this in TWRP => TWRP_DAVINCI_12.0.1.0_Global_ROM_info.zip
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