New Mi Max 3 Miui 12.5.1 stable control centre New version variable responsiveness (laggy)

Lapaz Lane

Jul 1, 2020
New version control panel usually takes several taps to operate a button or the brightness slider. Also same issue with miui contacts app (reported separately). General touch sensitivity is fine, eg double touch to sleep requires a minimal touch. Sometimes it works straight away, mostly it doesn't.

Full screen gestures enabled, 6Gb, always plenty available. Seems better if buttons used instead of full screen gestures, but I'd rather use the old control centre (which works 100%) than stop using full screen gestures.

Possibly some improvement (but not 100%) if collapse after touch is not enabled.

Also seems improved if Double check for the gestures is not enabled in full screen display.

I had the same issue with latest Miui 12 stable, to the extent I had to stay with old version control centre (didn't lodge a bug report then, and no issues with the stock Miui contacts app).
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UPDATE - switching the new control centre to LEFT seems to bring a very significant improvement in the issue, if not a complete fix. Will monitor over the next few days.