Mi Unlock help


May 7, 2023
Hi everyone!

I´m having some issues when attempting to unlock the bootloader of my Redmi note 10 pro, I´ve done all the initial steps of adding Mi account on the phone and enabling OEM unlocking.
I´ve then downloaded the most recent version of the Mi unlock tool, open it and log into my account, my problem starts on the account verification page, it doesn´t matter what I do I get stuck on this page until it eventually locks for 24 hours for too many failed attempts.....
I receive the text message on my phone with the the 9 digit code, I input the code exactly as shown, I get an error message saying "the code you entered is incorrect" every single time............
Yes I always make sure I´m using the most recent code every time I click re send (I delete the previous one from the messages) but it never works.
I also don´t see any option to do email confirmation instead? Am I doing something wrong?
Any help would be much appreciated as I´ve been at this for a few days now and really want to get rid of Miui as I´m having horrible battery drain issues.

Kind regards,