Mi Watch bugs


Oct 25, 2022
On last update of the Mi Watch (this update was months ago) the smartwatch run into a lot of bugs.

I want to know if someone has the same bugs or any solution for them:
- Battery percentage not according to real battery: it drains to 5% and then it keep with the same % for a lot of hours. When I bought it the battery life was 5 days~, now randomly can be drain in 2 days or less.
- Some calls get stuck when you accept it from the phone and the watch keep vibrating until you press decline on the watch (the ignore call won't work)
- The most IMPORTANT and annoying bug is turning the screen on randomly at any hour, it doesn't matter if you have the DnD mode. There's no notification or hand movement that could turn on, also I've disabled the wake up when you do the gesture with the arm (it drained a lot of battery) so I just have de AOD enabled.

I started having this bugs with the last firmware update, currently I have a Samsung Z Fold 3 with the Mi Fit app with the battery saver disabled and with the "keep open" option.
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