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Discussion in 'Xiaomi MI2(s)' started by David Yu, May 11, 2013.

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    Hi, I have been trying to install the usb driver for my Mi2. I have downloaded the xiaomi_usb_driver.rar file and I have tried to install it by going to devices and right clicking Mi2. Then I would browse my folders and select the extracted xiaomi_usb_driver.rar folder. Whenever I do this, it would immediately say, "
    Windows was unable to install your MI 2
    Windows could not find driver software for your device.
    If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for the driver software."
    On my Mi2, I have turned on android development and debugging.
    I am trying to use eclipse for android development. I have installed java and android sdk and all that stuff and even got the emulator to work.
    Someone please help me, I need to figure this out so I can complete my class assignment.
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    Which version of windows are you using?

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    Im using windows 8. Is that a problem?
  4. David Yu

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    can anyone help me with this? ):
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    Try moborobo
  8. Amgalanbaatar Bat-Erdene

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    You have Dell? I have similar problem with work Dell DT. It works well with every other PC. Plus that Dell doesnt recognise my friend's samsung duos too. So in my case, It is something to do with Dell. I read somewhere on internet that other people also having trouble connecting their phone to Dell.
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    you can try pda+netconnect. it is universal for almost all Android phones.
    just search in google.

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