MI2S Front Camera Not Working

May 27, 2014
Hi all,
i have just received my brand new MI2S and noticed a problem which seems to be software related and would like to report this bug as a few users have also been affected.
The issue happens whenever i attempt to switch to the front-facing camera using the native camera app. the app will freeze and camera remains unusable until a full reboot is performed (app closure from system tray does not help), the phone however continues to function normally. This bug consequently affects all video related apps such as Skype, Tango etc ... effectively making any video or camera related app unusable.
I have flashed my ROM based on some other thread's recommendation using and installed 3rd party apps but the problem persists.

Android version: 4.1.1 JRO03L
MIUI version: MIUI-JLB34.0

These were the ROMs i tried but were unsuccessful:


Has anyone experienced the same issue and found a workaround ?
Many thanks in advance.