Mi3: Anyone encountered blue screens and no boot

Sep 3, 2014
Got a friend who bought a Mi3 about a month ago. This is a recent bunch Mi3.

As with all Mi3's, I fastbooted first the 4.8.22 English/Chinese official firmware (with the instructions in http://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/guide-flashing-rom-using-miflash-mi2-3.19287/ and using the wipe all bat file), booted, full-wiped everything and then installed (normally) the xiaomi.eu 4.8.22 from this forum.

Everything was ok until after around 30 days, the phone produced a blue screen, out of the blue (lol). The user tried to make it good and managed to reboot it. He brought it to me, whereas I was able to fastboot and reinstall firmware with the same procedure.

I set the phone up, google accounts apps etc. The problem reappeared the next morning... So, it was sent back to the Chinese e-shop it was brought from. They flashed the official firmware and all was fine! They also sent (according to what they told me) the phone to Xiaomi, but Xiaomi did not find any issue.

At some point, the technician of the e-shop informed me that older firmwares might not be suitable for newer hardware generation Mi3. Two questions:

1) Is this possible? That is, can 4.8.22 damage a recently produced Mi3?

2) Has anyone encountered any similar issue on Mi3 on a Xiaomi in general? Any info will be appreciated!
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