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Mi3 Battery Heating Issue?

Discussion in 'Xiaomi MI3' started by Francesco Contartese, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Francesco Contartese

    Francesco Contartese Members

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    Hi guys,
    I'm using miui 8 from a couple of weeks now and I noticed my mi3 gets hot very often and very fast.
    Right now battery temp is at 50°C under charge, but it gets hot also when I watch some YouTube videos or listen to music using Spotify.
    I rarely play games.
    Gps is always off, I turn it on only when I need Maps.
    Auto brightness is on and set to minimum.
    Using Chrome seems to heat up the phone as well.
    What can I do about this issue?
    I'm downloading 7.5.2 ROM to see if I can reduce this heating using a stable.
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  2. Lluis Serra Serra

    Lluis Serra Serra Members

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    Hi ,also i have the same problem, with 6.8.18, many problems playing with Pokemon Go, any idea to solve it?
  3. Ankit_Pal

    Ankit_Pal Members

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    Same problem here too and some battery fluctuation problems too!
  4. MiQuenDroid

    MiQuenDroid Members

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    Same problem with Mi4c
  5. conanthewarrior

    conanthewarrior Members

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    I received my first Xiaomi phone yesterday, the Redmi note 3 pro.

    I updated to MIUI 8 straight away, and when I am using the phone for things such as playing games, it does get rather warm towards the top end of the phone.

    I think in general, some heat is to be expected as after all, we are essentially carrying around a small PC, which has no fans or cooling like a PC does.
    I would expect it to get warm when doing things such as watching videos and playing games, but at rest I would expect it to be fairly cool.

    Does the phone get hot when idle, or only when in use and being charged?
  6. MiQuenDroid

    MiQuenDroid Members

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    Turn off your phone when you charge the phone .

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