1. Y

    Redmi Watch 3 Battery problem

    I have problem with my Redmi Watch 3. It works very strange, and I think it may be broken. When I charge it to 100%, and unplug the charger, it shows 100% battery by albout 6h. And after that, the battery suddenly drops to about 10% by two hours. and then it drops to 0% in about 3 hours. I...
  2. G

    Battery Drain Issue (MI 12, Redmi Note 8)

    Hello, please help me understand why my battery is draining so quickly: it discharges 70% in just 2 hours. I'm using dark mode and have disabled auto-brightness. Redmi Note 8 MIUI Android 11 RKQ1
  3. V

    Extreme battery drain after updating.

    Hi yall, does anybody know how to fix this? I run on the POCO X4 PRO 5G, I updated this rom from to and after this update Im facing a huge battery life issue, especially over night where my phone can drain 20% of battery and when I look in the battery...
  4. S

    Battery life comparison for MIUI14 on venus

    Hi, I'm considering updating to rom to get some of the features that are not in the stock global rom and to improve my battery situation. Can someone share his experience about battery life, or have you done a comparison between stock and ROM's battery life on venus (mi...
  5. johnsoneze

    New Why is my redmi note 12 pro 4g always at hot temperature?

    This is my first time using a Redmi phone, and I decided to buy the Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G, but the problem I have been having is the phone's heat. I have never seen the phone at 25 °C, even when I have put it in my deep freezer for a minute. Please, I don't really know what to do about this. Can...
  6. M

    New Wifi draining battery after MIUI 14 update

    I updated my MI 11 lite smartphone recently from MIUI 13 to MIUI 14 and I noticed that the battery keeps draining too much and when I check which app is responsible for that I find that it's the WIFI (I used to charge my phone once a day now I charge it 4 times a day because of this issue).
  7. S

    Mi11 ultra. Miui 14 battery life?

    I was in miui 12.5 , my battery life was fine. But after update 14 , my battery life is really not good. Is it only me? Or miui14 problem?
  8. armin_olat

    Xiaomi 12 Battery Life

    Hi all! Does anyone know how the battery life on the rom compares to the official rom on the regular Xiaomi 12? In terms of SOT. I would like to switch to, but would not do it if the battery is still bad. Would appreciate your guys' opinions. Thank you!
  9. 4fun20

    Xiaomi 13 first impressions

    hi, three days ago i received my Xiaomi 13 phone. i believe it is helpful to you to talk about my first impressions. it's light weight.. on a kitchen scale it weights ~210g with the original case on but it feels way lighter than my previous Mi11Ultra. i have the white 8gb/256gb version...
  10. M

    Battery drain over night Mi 9

    Please see attached this seems to happen quite often now. My Mi 9 which has had a new battery about 3 months back due to this battery drain issue still has this problem. Some nights when the phone is on my table with battery saver always on, no persistent auto wake/start up apps, and all default...
  11. I

    Alarm App does not work on my Xiaomi 11T Pro

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a Xiaomi 11T Pro, no issues whatsoever with it besides that the app I use for my morning alarm called "Earphone Alarm" simply does not work in the morning.. Let me explain. I live with my brother and I need to wake up 2 hours before he does, and having only...
  12. N

    Gallery draining battery

    Hello, I am coming with an issue - the software gallery app is draining the battery, even with the "restricted background activity" turned on. Any solutions to that problem?
  13. K

    INSANE Battery drain when Gallery/Camera App opened in background! Poco F3

    Sup guys, im having HUGE battery drain issues if gallery app is left open in the background, even while the phone is locked, the phone gets hot as well, im talking 10% in 5 minutes if left there. Ive even restricted background activity completley (prolly doesnt work) in manage apps, and...
  14. D

    Can you edit or paste files in /sys folder

    Yesterday I rooted my phone which is POCO F1 with 12.0.3 ROM version and I recently changed my phone battery with one with bigger capacity and for the whole day I am trying to edit charge_full file in /sys/class/power_supply/battery to match new battery capacity I tried enabling rw for...
  15. L

    New Battery drain after flashed stable vesion

    Hi, I have a Mi 10T Pro and just flashed to Miui eu stable version on 4/9 from global version. And the battery drain in Miui eu is much faster than global version. In eu, 100% to 90% just take around an hour. But in global version, it may just 95-97% after an hour. I have already tried this but...
  16. zylzyl

    Mi 9T Pro lock screen loop - suspected battery issue

    Hello everybody, I've noticed this a couple times over the span of the last week, but sometimes my phone would just go all black and then back into the lock screen every now and then, maybe a couple times per day. I didn't really think anything of it, however, this morning I was unable to...
  17. F

    Invalid Battery Drain

    With the latest rom on POCO F3, battery been quite bad.. getting around 4-5 hour sot light use, instead of 6-7 hours before.
  18. P

    prevent screen from waking up when charging (outdoor use)

    Hi community, I would like to ask/request an option for not waking up screen at all when the phone charges (cable is plugged on or off). This would be really helpful for outdoor use when charging through a solar panel or hub dynamo. Those methods of charging do not garantee countinuous charging...
  19. G

    Constant reboot issue on Mi 9 SE (grus)

    Hello everybody. I'm having a very annoying problem with this smartphone for a while. Smartphone: Xiaomi MI 9 SE (grus) Initially it was restarting a few times, when it was in standby, after some time it started to restart and when it came back it had less battery than before. So even though I...
  20. MER_12

    New Extreme Batery saving no working

    Hello After Miui13 actualization, the Extreme battery save mode is not working in my Mi11 little. I activated it as usual, but the phone is staked in the "activating" screen. I see a "tic" in the first elements ( stopping apps, screen brightness) but he never past the las step (black mode)...