1. D

    Custom ROM or not for better battery life and performance?

    Hello! There are some search results, but I still have this unsolved information conflict in my mind about this. Please help! I have Xiaomi mi 11 Lite 5G. It goes from 100% to 92% in 12h being idle and screen off. 40% of that is "Cell Standby", 23% "Google Play Services" and 6% "Other". In...
  2. J

    New MIUI 12.5.3 HMNOTE 8

    -The battery new modes don´t work - My own status bar shorcuts(tools) don´t work. -the screen cast-mi link don´t working, i´d solve it with a app downgrade with ROOT to (com.milink.service) and 0.4.25 (com.xiaomi.miplay) -Usb problems maybe the transfer mode bug only works with...
  3. J


    The new battery modes: powerful, balanced and performance don't working the menu is back to the classic version, the status bar button to performance mode don't work also of memory extension maybe don't work. In copy and restore the restore options don't work with system app as launcher...
  4. M

    Battery drain on Mi 11 with rom question

    How is the battery drain on Mi 11 with MIUI 12 stable? With the Global version of MIUI 12.5 I only get an average of 5/5:30 hours of screen time which is pretty crap, so I was wondering if it was worth it changing to
  5. V

    New Xiaomi MI9 SE - Problem with fast charging + USB connection to PC doesn't works after update to 12.5.1

    Hello everybody Im writing to you because I have problem with my phone after update to newest version MIUI 12.5.1. Im so frustrated and dissatisfied about xiaomi updates because every time when I tried update I got some bugs. At the moment I have problem with my battery charging. I noticed that...
  6. S

    is 5 antivirus software scanning at the same time for 1 months is causing bootlop for redmi 5orvirus

    title read it please help i taked it to mobile repair shop and it flashed it now i cant even recover the apps because i just created a new google backup i was dumb how i recover the clean master bookmarks please i dont know if i taked out the battery would help or draining the battery to 0%...
  7. G

    New Battery bug

    Hello guys, so two days ago i leave my phone to charge, after I got out, I noticed after couple hours of using the phone, it keeps showing 100% battery, next day it was the same, then this day I noticed my phone blinking, perhaps it has 0% left, in deed the phone had no more battery. I put it to...
  8. B

    Mi 10 Ultra halved battery capacity?

    Hi folks, I'm on the latest weekly (though I think it might've been a thing before), and I've noticed that it seems as if battery life and capacity is halved, as of its using only one of the device's two cells. Accubattery and the battery life I get out of the phone agrees with this wild...
  9. MAMAC

    [Tutorial] Battery drain & lag after OS update

    Hello, many people complain about battery drain & lags after OS update. This method maybe can help u. Lest first explane why and what this method do. Tutorial is taken from chinese xiaomi fans. Probably each of you was faced with high battery consumption in the first 3-4 days after updating or...
  10. N

    New Battery Issue after Update

    Hello Everyone. ;) Im new in the thread and need some help. Can someone explain why my Battery is draining so much ? After the Update i can use the device only for 3 or 4 hours to start charging it. With the Version 12.0.5 was everything fine. After the Update to 12.0.6 i got this: Device...
  11. luisfialho

    New Mi9 SE rebooting after MIUI 12 update ver. 20.9.24

    Hi guys, since I updated to MIUI 20.9.24, my Mi9 SE casually reboot´s it self, or shuts down, for no aparent reason, any suggestions? Best Regards, keep goin mates!!
  12. A

    request for 12.0.9 on poco f2 pro/k30pro

    okay ,i would understand if the answer is negative,but all current builds for poco f2 pro/k30pro are bad,like really bad. a11 build isn't ready at all,and 12.0.8 is terrible in terms of battery. 12.0.9 is known to have a terrific battery life and is good in general. until we get some decent a11...
  13. A

    New Huge Battery Drain from Android System

    Over the last few days (maybe one or two weeks) my battery has been acting up, lasting less and less every day. I checked the battery usage info and the android system usage amounted to over 50% of the overall usage. Last night I went to bed with battery at 100%, when I woke up this morning...
  14. O

    New Battery discharges fast. Redmi K30 5G. 20.7.2

    I have noticed that the battery does not take long, before I got to give up to 9 hours of active screen, now it does not even reach 6 hours, and I have deactivated 5G, I hope and correct it, I do not know if the same thing happened to more users .
  15. Gokay

    New Battery Back Up Issue RN7

    Apart from the fact that my device heats up excessively. My battery drains so fast. If after charging to 100% i start using my phone 2hours in battery juice would reduce to 60%... Please kindly look into it. Miui12. V20.5.13. Thanks to the great devs.
  16. dennis0302

    New Bugs I found in MIUI 9.12.19

    This is a bug report I made for this release, some bugs are new to this release, one particular bug had been persists for months. New bugs: 1. The charging logo has been missing. It only shows blank whether the battery percentage is in the icon or not. Old bugs: 2. The bottom rounded corners...
  17. L

    I need help with battery bn47

    Hello dear friends My battery is every 20 minutes quitting so I buy a new battery and it didnt work. I dont know that it must be that exactly type or I dont know if that must be configurate by software. this battery was in my phone So and battery i order...
  18. S

    Invalid Battery Drain

    I know this is an old problem in this rom but there is still no solution for it . standby battery drain is very high ( 300-500 ma )even in doze mode . During gaming and normal usage it also goes up to skyrocketing numbers which doesn't make sense . Hope to fix this bug in future updates or...
  19. Fasor2K

    New Enabling ultra battery saver causes Security app to keep chrashing endlessly

    Hello, I'm using a Mi 8 Global 6/64 with ROM Beta 9.8.9 (clean install, I was on Global Stable previously). If I try to turn on the ultra battery saver the screen suddenly turns black (I think a soft reboot kicks in) and then when it turns back on I'm asked for my SIM card PIN and my...
  20. jonathanparisi

    MSDS for Xiaomi Mijia products

    Hi! I'm a retailer and I'm searching for MSDS documents for the Xiaomi Mijia products so we can have it shipped by air. Shipping companies require MSDS for products that for instance has batteries. I've search the web and contacted multiple of our suppliers - but none of them have the...