1. jonathanparisi

    MSDS for Xiaomi Mijia products

    Hi! I'm a retailer and I'm searching for MSDS documents for the Xiaomi Mijia products so we can have it shipped by air. Shipping companies require MSDS for products that for instance has batteries. I've search the web and contacted multiple of our suppliers - but none of them have the...
  2. Midvik

    Battery capacity displayed wrong - aftermarket battery

    Hi everbody! I bought new battery for Redmi Pro (omega) that has capacity of 4700mah. When i inserted it into the phone capacity in security/battery remained on 4050mah (original value). After that i made nandroid backup and flashed new ROM to see if that will fix it. It didn't. Than i...
  3. T

    Uneven Battery Drain, Even After Cell Swap

    Hello, I own my device for few years now. Around MIUI 7 update a certain issue emerged: the battery percentage has become unreliable. The thing is, that when my phone is at 60% or less displayed energy and it turns off, when turned back on it's usually on 15% of power - the rest of which...
  4. AstralvonAsciel

    Getting Lagged When Battery Reach 35% And Below

    I don't know if this was the battery saving features is automatically enabled or some bugs appeared. Has anyone encountered this problem? Your help is appreciated.
  5. Arguuo

    New Spotify Drains Battery

    When I'm listening to music on Spotify in background (with screen off) the battery is drained so much, and the phone is heating. Don't know if it comes from the Spotify app, or from this version of MIUI9 but I can't use it without charging my phone at the same time because it will drain all my...
  6. dushan135

    Mi4c Battery

    Can anyone know a online place to buy original mi4c battery (BM35) ? I am from Sri Lanka.
  7. K

    Where Can I But Genuine Replacement Battery For Mi4i

    Hi, I would like to replace my Mi4i battery, I'm not sure where to get a genuine replacement battery. Please let me know some reliable sources. Thank you. Regards
  8. K

    [mido]missing Battery Usage And Flickering Swipe Animation On Gboard

    Hi, as the thread title says I am missing the battery usage graph in the settings where you can see the blue graph from the time you unplugged it from the charger to the predicted last. I also use Gboard and the swiping animation (that green line) is flickering during input. I am on 7.5.11 dev...
  9. dogiex

    Redmi Note 4x (mido) Screen On Time Tests

    Screen on Time Tests Device: Redmi Note 4X Global Edition with LTE B20 (800MHz) support 3Gb ram, 32Gb rom, color Gold. App used: PCMark for Android Benchmark Test used: Work 2.0 battery life Apps installed: Factory reset and only PCMark for Android Benchmark app. Test #1: Rom used: Global...
  10. M

    Best Rom For Mi 4s

    Hello folks, which is the best rom for a good battery life and accurate GPS?
  11. R

    Battery Drain!

    Hello, Briefly, since the 6.12.29 update that the battery of the mobile phone has drained stupidly. Below I leave some images of prints of the battery, I recall that I am currently with version 7.2.9 and remains the same. If anyone can help me thank you. <
  12. MiQuenDroid

    Android 7 Mi4c Battery Issues

    Hello, I upgraded my Mi4c to MIUI 7.2.9, but I have some battery issues. I must wait the next week or I can redownload and reflash the ROM ? Thanks :)
  13. M

    How To Prevent Miui To Close Pebble App?

    Can anyone provide me with some advice for this situation? I had been testing all the posible options on the battery manager and permissions but im not able to leave it open all the time
  14. M

    Phone Shuts Down Randomly

    My Redmi Note 2 began shutting down randomly a few months ago. I was running MIUI on it then. Switching to Cyanogenmod 12.1 made it run a little better, but the shutting down thing kept happening. Now I have it on MIUI 8 but still, it shuts down whenever it likes to. This is independent on how...
  15. H

    Back To Smiui...

    hi guys, is anybody out there, got backed up rom images from smiu 7.5xx stable? My phone gets after swiching to miu 8 massive battery drain, thats why i wanna go back to one of the last smiui 7 stable, because they was very smooth, stable and batterysaving! sadly i got no backup from my smiui...
  16. R

    Miui V8 7.1.12 Gps Settings That Work

    Hi al, I wanna share my GPS settings that work with severall apps that need GPS and i use them frequently. So the apps are turn by turn directions like Maps or even Meo Drive, portuguese app, and sports tracking apps like Runtastic. First off all i will add some screenshots but they are in...
  17. A

    Really Need Help

    Hello, I have a big problem, when I update to 7.1.12 mi battery start to drain very very fast, like 1.5h of screen in the best duration, so change the ROM to 7.1.5 with a clean flash, but the problem it's still there, I try battery calibration apps, full charge on and off, and full discharge...
  18. A

    Battery Drain On Standby Mode Mi5s

    hi, i installed the latest dev. rom 7.1.12 on my Mi5S and i think battery drain is quite high in standby mode. does anyone else observe this? would it help maybe to install greenify oder doze or something else? Or what can i do to save battery when i dont use the phone?
  19. K

    Battery Cover Replacement

    Hello Unfortunately I have to change the battery cover (back cover) of my wife's mi4s. Is there any easy way to take out the fingerprint sensor and move it to the new cover? Is there any tutorial how to do it? Thanks for any help :)
  20. N

    Xiaomi Mi 5s Battery Issue

    Hi! I have recently bought a xiaomi mi 5s and I think I have some battery issues. On a normal day, the battery gets discharged in about 12 hours and actually I don't use the phone so much. I mean, just for messaging and listen to music (some time). Is it normal? I have to say the phone has a...