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Discussion in 'Xiaomi MI3' started by Jay Sharma, Dec 13, 2016.

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    one night i connected to one of the unknown open wifi network in office..and it was giving great speed..i used it for around 5 minutes and then disconnected...after that i am not able to connect to any wifi network...neither at my home router nor any mobile hotspot..or any wifi network...Things i did
    1 . rebooted phone like 5-6 times
    2.. rebooted home router 3-4 times,changed ssid cant even connect to open network
    3..i was on rr nougut at that time..so clean flash du 10.4 after wipe data dalvik and cache still coudnt connect
    4...formatted whole phone by fastboot and installed miui 4.4 kk version by mi flash..still cant connect to any network
    5...also formated and install fastboot rom 6.12.8 on en.miui..but still no luck
    IDK what to do now..plz help
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  2. Jay Sharma

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    basically when i try to connect to any wifi network ...the signal strength becomes poor automatically even when i am sitting besides router..and then again turns to saved...and after 3-4 times trying to connect again ..it shows disabled..plz help

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