Mi4 Fdd-lte

Feb 15, 2015
Hello friends,

I have an FDD-LTE MI4 and I live in Brazil.
I realized that the MI4 only works in the bands 1 and 3 of LTE, whereas in Brazil using the band 7, is there any way to unlock the other bands in MI4? I saw that this procedure is possible in other cells, but found nothing about the MI4.

I await response, and now thanks.
Jun 21, 2014
I saw an article about Qualcomm SoC (the Mi4 is the Snapdragon 801) that stated that every FDD-LTE band was supported by the radio on the SoC.
The OEM was the one that decided to enable each band, and according to the number of bands there was a fee to pay.

It is the OEM responsibility to conduct RF tests to the phone to see if it brings problems to the phone, signal stability and regional Legislation.
For example, the band 20 on the 800MHz (one of the most common on Europe) is not available on the OnePlus One due to interferences with other bands.

I saw a patch for the Z1 lineup from Sony that unlocked all the LTE bands of the Snapdragon SoC on xda, but never saw feedback from it.
And judging from the lack of information and development on the OnePlus One side (which has a huge community and they try everything) I assume it is not that simple.

Adding to that, each time the Radio partition is flashed, you have to flash the patch again.
You will need to flash the patch each time a new ROM is installed on you phone.