New Mipad 4.8.8 MTP file tranfer problem

Jul 23, 2014
hello this behavior i'm about to describe happened with 4.8.8 but also on lower versions;

i know the advantages of MTP but it seems that at least on xiaomi mipad it corrupts files

i've tried several times and for small files was ok but when you try to tranfer a large file (>100MB)from PC (Win 7 64 bit )to mipad the transfer completes without errors but the file result corrupted ;

I tried with when trying to apply update it yelds "invalid signature" in recovery ,
the same thing happens when transferring a cbr/cbz file , some of the pages get randomly corrupted :(

this thing doesn't happen when i tranfer it to an external micro sd card and put it on my mipad , or when tranferring these files with the same cable and usb port on my desire hd on usb mass storage mode

Is there a way to disable MTP on usb and have the regular usb mass storage mode?

thanks for the attention and have a good day :)