MIUI 1.9.23 Change

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    <strong>Recommended updates this week:</strong>

    1. I9000, T959, I897, Desire, N1, NS replaced with new kernel
    2. Support to set Wi-Fi IP addresses individually per network
    3. Optimise SIM card contact usage experience

    <li>I9000, T959, I897, Desire, N1, NS replaced with new kernel</li>
    <li>Optimisation of new HD2 kernel patch (Updated GPRS configuration files, CPU over-clocking and stability, SD card reading speed optimised and fix for cannot connect to ad-hoc network</li>
    <li>OTA cache optimisation to automatically reduce OTA failures</li>
    <li>Fix non-Chinese HD2 default timezone problem</li>
    <li>Fixed problem where HD2 was unable to play Gameloft games (model identification changed to HTC)</li>
    <li>Defy application firewall fixes</li>
    <li>E-mail will not fix scheduled sleep pattern problem resolved</li>
    <li>Samsung series models, fix data connection problems, unable to enable data successfully</li>
    <li>Fix PowerAMP player progress bar does not display</li>
    <li>Disable optimisation when no SIM card carrier is set</li>
    <li>Optimisation of incoming call answering options when there are multi hands-free devices, optimised switching speed of Bluetooth</li>
    <li>Optimisation of in-call menu interface, pop-up device selection for Bluetooth and other connections</li>
    <li>Optimisation of dailer interface, pressing menu item to select which call records to delete</li>
    <li>Optimisation of dialer interface to "Click to call" when viewing a contact</li>
    <li>Optimisation to enhance sorting speed of T9</li>
    <li>Fixed some issues matching search results for T9</li>
    <li>?? ???/??????????????????????9.20?</li>
    <li>Fix to ensure that local call hang up without vibration</li>
    <li>?? ????????????????9.21?</li>
    <li>Fix problems with speaker phone button not always switching off properly when pressed</li>
    <li>Added new menu entry to access SIM card contacts</li>
    <li>Optimisation of SIM card contact operations, support for editing, calling, messaging and deleting.</li>
    <li>Optimise the SIM card contact interface to directly add new contacts</li>
    <li>Fix issue inserting slideshow images causes FC</li>
    <li>Fix switching flight mode leads to problems sending Mms</li>
    <li>Fix guest enter messaging via contact mode, resulted in FC</li>
    <strong>Lockscreen, Status bar and notifications:</strong>
    <li>New lockscreen support to display alarm information</li>
    <li>Optimisation of status bar icon to distinguish been headset or handsfree mic</li>
    <li>Fix problems waking screen via power button problem</li>
    <li>After restoring a lockscreen and opening Torch, Torch often flickers randomly</li>
    <li>Fix lockscreen long-press home button for torch led allowed torch to flash repeatedly</li>
    <li>Fix problem importing file names containing special characters led to FC</li>
    <li>Fix HD2 camera video power drain issue</li>
    <li>Optimisation of no SD card dialog</li>
    <li>Optimisation of ID3 editing artist or album name, allows to be empty</li>
    <li>Fix problem with DHD music freezing</li>
    <li>Fix opening screen does not take effect immediately</li>
    <li>Optimisation of native backup support for SMS</li>
    <li>File Explorer supported for backup</li>
    <li>Added support for different IP address settings on Wi-Fi network connections</li>
    <li>VPN connections, remember new password support</li>
    <li>Optimisation of system time allowing for syncronisation at "Boot time"</li>
    <li>Fix System &gt; Battery settings "Low battery alert values" unable to move sliders</li>
    <li>Fix for Nexus S NFC switch could not be enabled</li>
    <li>Removal of duplicated "Wake up" button in System Settings.</li>

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