MIUI 11 - Included TWRP doesn't allow flashing Magisk - Use 3.3.1-1001 instead


Aug 6, 2019
I need to use TWRP 3.3.1-1001 from the chinese team, else I got an error "unable to mount system".

Shouldn't you let users decide that on their own and remove it from v11.
To fix "unable to mount" error:
First make a backup of all your files!!

1) Reboot your device into TWRP Recovery.

2) Go to Wipe menu.

3) Go to Advance Wipe.

4) Select Data and go to Repair or Change File System.

5) Click Repair File System. (If not fix, go to step number 6)

6) Go to Change File System.

7) Select Ext2 and swipe to confirm.

8) Now change back to Ext4 and swipe to confirm.

9) Now go back and check if your partions can be mount or not from Mount menu.

10) If not fix, repair your Internal partition. (This may wipe your Internal storage).

OR Unlock your bootloader again.
you dont actually do any of these, just unmount everything beside data and you're good to go.
twrp main menu > mount > untick everything besides data before installing magisk.

You are a hero! I have seen several tips on how to solve this and this is the only one which actually works!