New MIUI 4.4.4 Icons look (restore) grey border? (Bug?)

Apr 12, 2014
Hey, I'm new to the Forum, I recently put the MIUI 4.4.4 ROM on my phone (ZTE V976s). But due personal issues I had to reset my phone and flash the ROM on an other phone (ZTE V987) So before I did this I made a backup on the old phone. I then flashed the ROM on the new phone and then restored my backup. Once I did this, the phone was stuck in an infinite booting cycle. So I restored the backup once more, then I flashed the ROM again and it was all fine, I got all my apps, etc on my new phone BUT the icon looks are... messed up. Every icon now has a massive grey border around them. I don't know why neither how to fix this.
Can anyone help me?
(I didn't know where to post this, but I couldn't post this in 4.4.4 topic, since its closed, so forgive me if I'm wrong but I need help to resolve this issue :s )
Image(s): (this is happening to all my icons except SIMtoolkit, Notes, Kuaipan, Agenda, Clock and the Weather.)
Screenshot_2014-04-12-16-24-55.png Screenshot_2014-04-12-16-24-46.png

Edit: I changed my theme and now its suddenly fixed.
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