Miui 7 Blocking Dropbox Photo Upload Service

Feb 11, 2016
Hi. I'm not able to make Dropbox upload photos automatically in MiUi EU Libra Rom (weekly builds). I'm using the normal battery saving profile and the No Restrictions profile for Dropbox (with restricted location use). Is this a bug in MiUi of am I doing something wrong? Thank you very much.

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May 22, 2017
Hey, it's been one year exactly! I found a way to use Dropbox camera upload, finally. I would love to show you the link, but the forum requires me to have at least 5 posts *facepalm*. So, go on Reddit, go to the Xiaomi Subreddit, go to the wiki, and click on the "Fix notifications" link under "Miscellaneous". Worked for me!