Miui Android 2.3.7 + Zimbra + Zimbra Z-Push Backend


Nov 5, 2011
Recently I discovered that my phone no longer would send any attachment via the email.apk application. (Tested on Nexus S and Nexus One)

For this I use Zimbra as a mailserver and Zimbra Backend with Z-Push as a connector so I can sync my appiontments and contacts also.

The developers of the Zimbra Z-Push Backend, with some help from me, have found that since version 2.3.7 of Android on the MIUI rom, the email.apk application and the Enhanced Email application (which uses the Android API to send emails, I believe), do not include the Content-Type header or at least include an empty one.

Content-Type: ; <------ this is the problem
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: attachment;

Most email servers who implement Activesync are not that picky about this header. For example, exchange does send the attachment regardless. However, anyone who uses the same combination as I, does have this problem and maybe others too AND it is not RFC compliant. ;-)

For more information:
Zimbra Email Server http://www.zimbra.com
The Bug Report on SF.net Zimbra Backend http://uglyc.at/sourceforge.net/c9
Enhanced Email http://uglyc.at/android.com/ca

I hope someone with WAY more knowledge of rom development can hunt this bug down.
If more info is needed, I'll be following this thread.