MIUI armv6


May 13, 2011
Well as far as i know us ZTE Skate users are the first armv6 phone owners to have a booting working MIUI4. Tilal has done us proud! It looks like we will just miss out on themes. It's a shame but not the end of the world! Doubt anyone would be able to help with that one small problem?!

Tilal said:
I'm afraid it's unlikely themes will ever work because of the proprietary binary which MIUI uses to apply themes. It compiled for arm7 only.
I am going to link the developers to this thread at Xiaomi and see if they can offer any assistance, I can only bridge the question, no guarantee of a resolution.

Good news for you users :) hope to see a MA version here soon!


Tilal is the guy who needs help currently. He's done a great job just a few minor issues and camera to fix. Themes go through the process of applying but nothing ever actually changes. Its still a hdpi device just its armv6. Thanks for any help you can do though Mark!

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The only thing I'm missing in this is the camera. I think that's because of something in CM9, but not sure. Tilal(who is the king!) is having problems with this. Does anyone in here feeling compelled? Please help us!
Camera is an issue for loads of cm9 and ics ports. Its not an easy solution!

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