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Lol... I can't stand reading this moaning about lack of LTE... You have no idea what are you talking about. Take a look at other Snapdragon S600/S800 smartphones? Do they have LTE? Not all.
Adding LTE whould kill Xiaomi MI-3 price.

  1. Xiaomi MI-3 price target was to remain MI-2 level. And they did that. But with LTE you would have to pay maybe 50$ more (or 100).
  2. China doesnt have LTE networks much developed, and they don't care about your France 4G. They have TD-SCDMA networks so they developed Tegra 4 model primary for their markets. WCDMA is for other networks and asian countries. But it will also work in Europe.
To sum up, its great that MI-3 price is that low. Adding LTE whould kill its price.

Dear Bartek
i understand what you mean
but they can make an M3S with the LTE with 100$ that not a problem for the people who wants the best phone
we will see the NEXUS 5 , this is the only real competetitor with the Xiaomi in terms of price & performance
Well yes they could. But... adding LTE involves getting network certifications and Xiaomi wont do that if they don't really need that standard. I believe China want to set their own 4G network standards instead of implementing worldwide LTE. And again, Xiaomi is making high quality, function reach, cheap phones for Chinese people. They don't care if you can pay extra for LTE, they care for chinese people who can't afford that high price for mass produced phones.

Maybe this will change in future, maybe not. Time will show.
i agree with you
but this : it was "before" , i mean before Hugo BARA
now Xiaomi wants to enter in the world wide market and not only to play with the China Market
otherwise no need a guy as Hugo in their team !

we stay connected following the M3 news
thank you acid
see you soon
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